Wednesday, May 13, 2009

IP Blacklisting for Snort available

After a discussion on the Snort-users mailing list last week regarding using standard Snort rules to implement Reputation-based IP blocking in Snort (and how badly the performance sucked) I decided to write some code to do it the "right way". The result is the "iplist" preprocessor, a module that supports IP Blacklisting and whitelisting via user-provided lists of known hostile IP addresses.

The internals of the system use the Patricia Trie code from the Snort 3.0 code tree to provide the primary address lookup mechanism. Currently I'm only supporting IPv4 addresses although the P-Trie code supports IPv6 addressing too.

This patch has been applied against Snort only. I've tested
builds on OS X, Ubuntu and Fedora so far. It requires libdnet (or
dumbnet-dev for those of you on Debian-based distros) to build
properly. Check the README file that comes with it for instructions
on patching it into your codebase. It supports inline blocking and
alerting but not Flexresp-style TCP reset session shootdowns.

Have a look and let me know what features you'd like or bugs you find.

This code is purely EXPERIMENTAL, this is just me spending some of my
spare time doing a fun coding project so if your machine sprouts legs
and refuses to work until it receives part of the TARP bailout it's
not my fault.

Here's the link:

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