Thursday, August 07, 2008

Daemonlogger 1.1 Released!

Daemonlogger 1.1 is available on my personal site for those of you interested in packet logging and network tapping. New features include:

  • Rollover size command line shortcuts (e.g. "-s 1M" vs "-s 1048576")

  • Disk utilization-based ringbuffer rollovers. For example, you can now tell Daemonlogger to write pcap files until the disk is 90% full and then "eat its tail" by deleting the oldest pcap file in the logging directory.

    I also fixed a bug that was found by Wesley Shields to prevent Daemonlogger from pruning files collected by previous runs of the software that were in its logging directory. This should also make it safe to have multiple instances of Daemonlogger write to the same logging directory without interfering with one another.


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